Sunday, 8 July 2012

KB Coffee Roasters - Sydney Australia

This week we are back into the corporate office area in Sydney City. You are probably wondering why is this place so unique then? Well to start off with, the coffee is not served in a cafe but it is served from a coffee cart. Yup that's right, a coffee cart, it is in fact quite a rare sight in Sydney City. 

How I stumbled upon this place? I craved for an afternoon coffee and wanted to go somewhere that I have yet to try. Dragged a colleague to come along with me, but she was in a hurry to go back to the office and we saw this coffee cart with an afternoon coffee special as we walked on Clarence Street and decided to give it a go. Try it, like it and here we are today with an interview arranged. 

Location: 191 Clarence Street (Closest intersection King and Clarence Street)

Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs on the day when I was there for the photos. Can't give you the same street view that I usually post in the other blogs. So dear readers, you would have to make do with the rainy version this time. 


So the picture on the left shows the view from the cart towards King Street. The coffee cart is located outside Allied graphics and diagonally behind the Grace Hotel. So for any visitors coming to Sydney, why not make a trip to this "cafe" and experience a different coffee drinking experience.

Picture on the right shows Clarence street towards QVB, for those that would like to drive to the cafe, please note that Clarence street is a one way traffic and the lane closest to the cafe is a bus lane. Best to park 3 lanes away from the cafe and make a quick dash for your coffee fix.

Cafe Name: KB Espresso Bar

191 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Monday - Friday: 0800 to 1600
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

So what is the idea behind the name?

Just wanted a simple name and what can be simpler than the initial of both partners' last name.
K =Kinahan and B = Brawn.

KB Espresso bar served their own coffee beans.

- KB Silverback which is big, bold and strong

- KB Emperor Monkey which is a smoother blend

Why this location?
One of the reasons is purely a sound economic reason, the low overhead cost required in setting up the place. However, the challenge is also how to make the place attractive because Michael has nothing more than a couple of pillars and a cart to work with. So this is what Michael has come up with to make the place more interesting and to fill it with more soul.

Without any decor, is a cold and hard looking environment.

With abit of creative juice flowing, add a little bit of a green to the hard concrete floor, this is what you get. The effect is actually quite fascinating, to feel abit of grass underneath your feet after a day at work, it is actually quite comforting. Now the only thing that is missing is the BBQ, a sausage sizzle to go along with the coffee would have been very nice. 

Abit about the owners

This is a collaboration between Peter Brawn and Michael Kinahan. Michael whom I interviewed used to work at The Wolseley Cafe Restaurant in London at their tea and coffee section. It is there that he became obsessed in coffee. After his 7 years stint in London, Michael returned to Sydney and decided to venture into the art of coffee roasting.

This is a view of the Coffee Kart

Something interesting about this cart that I saw was a group of photos stuck onto the inner cover of the cart. I was told by Michael that these are photos of some of his regulars. So for those of you that want to have your picture added, you know what to do ;P

While I was there, I managed to catch onto their takeaway cup stamping process


Michael with his staff at the Espresso Bar and the tower of stamped cups.

Finally, a departing cup of cappuccino from Michael and his gnome. 

Cappuccino Price Index: $3

Till the next blog, a Merry July Christmas to all those in the southern hemisphere!


  1. On those cold winter nights, a cup of Gourmet coffee is exactly what we need!

  2. It is great that you stumbled upon this coffee shop. I also am intrigued with the name so thanks for clarifying it on this post. I just wonder if the also allow their customers to buy coffee online or should they need to go to the location to get a cup?

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