Sunday, 12 August 2012

Juju Espresso - Sydney Australia

This week we are still hanging around the city, but closer to Circular Quay. I don't know what attracts me to this cafe but I just want to interview it for no obvious reason. Perhaps this is the magic of the cafe...

Juju Espresso is located at 27 Macquarie Place, Kyle House. Kyle House is designed by a gifted architect Dellit, who died young. According to the city of Sydney Heritage Study, Kyle House is an important example of Inter-War Art Deco style which emphasizes verticality and detail of cladding materials. 

Together with the buildings around Macquarie Place, Kyle House forms an important landmark feature and contributes to the historic street character. The rear courtyard and access way arrangement is relatively rare in Sydney and this also reflect the nature of the area's relationship with the shipping and trading days during the early 19th century (Graham Brooks & Associates, 2000). 

To get to the cafe, the closest train stations are Wynyard and Circular Quay. For those that intend to drive there, please note that the cafe is located at Macquarie Place not Street. 

Cafe Name: Juju Espresso

27 Macquarie Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Monday - Friday: 0530 - 1600
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Now let's enter into the world of Juju Espresso

What is the idea behind the name?

I mentioned before that this place draws me like there is some form of magic. Well you know what, this is exactly the meaning of the cafe. According to James, that was exactly what he meant. Juju in Swahili language meant magic and in the culture of Tanzania, Juju is the form or belief in a powerful spirit world. Juju is abounds in traditional spells and cures used to control and command the believers. So in this case coffee is this cafe black magic. 

Coffee Beans: Di Gabriel Espresso 101 (2011 CSR Gold Medal)

Why this location?

Had been operating at AMP Plaza (Chocolat) for a few years prior to the opening of this boutique. James has a love for CBD but why this location is because of the building. James like the character of the shop which has a very Melbourne boutique and upbeat feel. In addition, the building architecture which is also a heritage listed site also attracted James.

Left: James Kotselas
Right Jason Hughes

James and Jason have been working for a while now, the history of their working relationship started from La Buvette (which meant a waterhole in French). It was a place to meet and they worked at that joint 16 years ago.

As for Juju motto: Whatever it takes

Going with their motto, they do whatever it takes to bring not only the best coffee but also in their food. Juju has a commercial kitchen and many of their food are prepared in their own kitchen in Glebe. They change their food according to the season. The photo below is what you may expect from the cafe.

So what do you both like about working in the cafe/industry?

Jason reply: because we are silly....(hard to replicate the humor in this blog, readers you would have to imagine it). On a serious note, they are in this industry because they love their customers and they enjoy making and serving good coffee and food. So even though it is demanding (long hours) but for them it is rewarding to see their customers enjoying their food and coffee. 

What is your plan for the future?

Open more shops, most likely Mon-Fri store with similar menus and same standard. 

Why only a Mon-Fri store? 

That is because they would need time to rest and also to pay attention to another arm of their business which is the mobile cart catering. 

What is your favourite coffee?

Cafe's special of the house - Dickolo (The Horny Piccolo)
Dickolo = Double Ristretto Piccolo 

As for me, I had a Cappuccino (I would have tried the Dickolo had I known earlier).

Oh by the way, Juju Cappuccino is topped up with real chocolate flakes not powder.

Cappuccino Price Index: AUD $3.50 (Eat in)

That's all from me this week. Thank you to all the readers who had been so patience with me this month.


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