Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cre Asion

Macaroon seems to be a happening trend among my group of friends, perhaps made famous by Master Chef Adriano Zumbo. Cre Asion was recommended by a friend of mine on my Facebook and a quick call to Chef Yu Sasaki was met with a very quick Yes to my request for an interview. 

Cre Asion is a cafe that specialize in the sale of macaroon of flavors that are perhaps a combination of east and west. There are Asian flavors such as Miso, Sesame, etc that you usually would not get. 

Below is a picture of the macaroon - courtesy of Food Pornographer

Here is the interview for Cafe Cre Asion

What's the idea behind the cafe name?

- Is a makeup name, using Creation as base. The change from ation to asion is to demonstrate the Asian component.

Why the location for the cafe?

Chef Sasaki said that he wants customer to go to his cafe intentionally and not drop in as they pass by. Even for a local like me, it took me a second look at the map to verify the cafe location. It definitely does not fit any management theories in terms of the cafe location. But when you are there it does provide you with a sanctuary within a very busy city. 

Chef Sasaki was also looking for a venue that customers can walk there which could explain why the cafe is of such close proximity to Sydney City. 

Finally, the other reason why the cafe was situated at where it is. That is because Chef Sasaki like the design of the building. 

Coffee Beans:Single Origin 

Barista Name:Yu Sasaki

Tell us a bit about your background as a barista

- Training via hands on work experience

- Help from Chief Barista at Single Origin Roaster

What do you like about working as a barista?

- Initially it was merely part of the job in operating the cafe, remembering that Barista Sasaki was actually a chef to start off with

- But is starting to like the coffee making process 

What are your plans for the future?

- Better my coffee making skills

- Generic improvement in coffee making knowledge

Have you ever competed?

- No, because it was not his main profession. His background was from fine dining

What coffee do you drink?

- Piccolo Latte or Macchiato 

- Like a little bit of milk with his coffee

Latte art demonstration - Classic leaf variation from free pour

Cappuccino for me
First cup - leaf variation

Barista Sasaki was not happy with the first cup, so he created a second cup. What a perfectionist!

Cappuccino price index - AUD $3.50

Barista Sasaki and his helper working - apologies for the blur image
Third blog transferred from SINA, stay tune for Cafe XXII (coming this Sunday).

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