Sunday, 29 January 2012

Shirt Bar

First entry of my coffee blog belongs to Shirt Bar (

Shirt Bar is a unique cafe sitting low in the Sussex Lane next to the gigantic Westpac Building near Wynyard station. It is a bar, cafe and a boutique tailor combine. The ambience of the cafe is nice and cosy, giving you that bit of tranquility as you take your time with your coffee. The few seatings available also provide a nice spot for meetings while enjoying the coffee.

I discovered this place as I was on my way back to office from a lunch at Westpac Food Court. Since then it has been one of my favourite spots to sit in or more often than so, it is also my preferred cafe to bring my inter-state colleagues to.

Since the day of my decision to dedicate my blog time to coffee, I have made Shirt Bar as my first blog. I was very lucky to be given a "yes" decision for a quick interview with the barista. I hope you will like the blog and stay tune for the next blog with "Triple Shots".

Coffee bean: Fat Coffee (

Barista name: Ines Vaz De Sousa

Tell us abit about your background as a barista: 

- 13 years of experience

- Wanted to work in cafe because it was cool to do so

What do you like about working as a barista:

- Fits in with lifestyle because it is a morning shift work

- Social atmosphere, love the people gathering around coffee

What are your plans for the future:

- Nothing for barista, it will always remain as my second job

- My main job is a musician 

Have you ever competed:

- No, this job is more about developing relationship with customers and developing my own group of followers

What coffee do you drink:

Ristretto (more of a purist, not into milk based coffee)

What is your signature drink/latte art
Double macchiato or Long macchiato

Latte art - Peacock

Cappuccino for me - AUD $3.50

Ines at work

Left to right: Adam, Santa Claus, Ines

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