Sunday, 29 January 2012

Triple Shot

Cafe: Triple Shot (

I go to triple shot cafe almost on a monthly basis, it has became a routine for me to go in after my session with my chiropractor down on Crown Street (Surry Hills) since it is only 2 doors down and considering I never purchase any ticket for my car park. A quick duck in and out of the cafe for my caffeine fix made Triple Shot an ideal selection.

It is a nice cafe with enough space to sit around without having someone bumping into your back all the time which is quite typical in the area. The fact that it has music in the background and not in the foreground plus air conditioning made it a nice place to wander into.

I have never had a chance to sit in for breakfast but there is always a nice number of customers sitting inside and outside the cafe. As for the coffee, it has never disappointed me. But I"m no connoiseur, so I will leave the review to you, but they certainly have the cheapest coffee.
What is the idea behind the cafe name?
This cafe is a partnership between three persons (a chef, a pastry chef and a barista). 

Coffee beans: Triple Shots

Barista Name: Pure (nickname) Sawangsangwattana

Tell us abit about your background as a barista:

- 3 years of experience

- Was looking for job and barista in Australia earns good money

- No formal training, everything was learnt from youtube and books

What do you like about working as a barista?

- Social aspect of the job, getting to meet alot of people

- Started off as a non-coffee drinker barista because Thailand is not a coffee drinking nation. But this job gave me the opportunity to appreciate coffee.

- Like the challenge of making good coffee that the customers will like.

What are your plans for the future?

- Completion of my IT degree

- Perhaps setting up my own cafe in the future

Have you ever competed?

- No, because I have not got time to train for competitions

What is your favourite coffee?
- Latte 

What is your signature drink?
- Latte 

What is your latte art?

Classic variation of leaf

Latte for me 

Cappuccino price index - AUD $2.50

Pure at work

The team at Triple Shots
My second interview transferred from SINA, stay tune for Cafe Cre Asion next.

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